What NOT to do with your Clickbank Link

This is a brief lesson in which I want to share with you something you should not do when promoting Clickbank products.

In particular there is 1 action that will get you banned!

You should never create a Google Ads campaign, or a Facebook ads campaign, in which you directly link to the Clickbank Hoplink.

If you are caught doing this its highly likely that your ad account will get banned. Google especially doesn’t like it when someone sets up a campaign in which you directly link to an affiliate offer.

It is much better if you create your own landing page and then create an ad which directs the user to that page. And from your landing page you can have links to the offer.

However, if you are just starting out you may want to consider using Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising). Bing Ads is more user friendly. Your account will not get banned as easily as using Google Ads.

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