Email Marketing: Difference between Unsubscribes and SPAM Complaints

Email Marketing: Difference between Unsubscribes and SPAM Complaints

In this lesson I want to talk about the impact that unsubscribes vs spam complaints have on you, as an email marketer. I’ll also reveal to you the best strategies to avoid being labeled a spammer.

Email Marketing Unsubscribes

When somebody unsubscribe from your email, it means they open your email, scroll to the bottom, click the unsubscribe link, and leave your list.

This action has no consequence on your email list. In fact, it even helps boost the engagement of your existing list because a subscriber who unsubscribes and leaves your list is not interested in your offer. So you will not have to pay for them to your email autoresponder.

After the user unsubscribes, you can continue running your email campaigns. If you have a high unsubscribe rate, then you have to worry and investigate what’s going on.

Email SPAM Complaints

When somebody reports your emails as spam, this is a completely different action. 

It means that they are giving notice that you are a spammer and this notice is received by their mail server.

Over a long time, spam complaints may hurt your deliverability. They do this by damaging your sender reputation and the consequence is that your emails may not get through spam filters and into the person’s inbox. Instead the message will go directly to the spam folder and that’s when your deliverability will plummet to the ground.

Why does somebody report you as spam instead of just unsubscribing?
There are a couple of main reasons. Some emailers try to hide the unsubscribe link. If a subscriber cannot unsubscribe they will get frustrated and instead of wasting time searching for the unsubscribe link they rather just click the spam button, and be done with it

Another reason a spam complaint occurs is when an emailer has a complicated unsubscribe process. For example a person has to click the unsubscribe link in the email, then log into their account, if they don’t remember the password you have to reset the password, then they have to login and find the email settings. This is way too complicated and a much easier option is to spam the email.

Also, if the subscriber doesn’t know who you are and they don’t recognize your emails then, it’s highly likely they will report you as spam.

How to prevent SPAM complaints

Now I want to share with you 4 tips that you can take to prevent spam complaints

1- Make Unsubscribe easy

Firstly make the unsubscribe process easy. This step is actually very easy because if you choose a reputable emailing tool, they will have a quick and simple unsubscribe process. Usually no longer than 2 clicks.

Click the email unsubscribe link. Confirm the unsubscribe action on a separate page.

2- Use a powerful welcome email

Next, you should use a powerful welcome email. This serves to identify you to your audience so that your subscribers know who you are and what to expect from your emails. and will not be shocked when they receive and see an email from you in the inbox

If you write your welcome email correctly, then if a subscriber loses interest they will unsubscribe and not report you as spam.

3- Regularly clean your list of inactive users

Thirdly, I recommend that you clean your list regularly. What do I mean by this?
Find out which subscribers are not engaging with your content. Then send them a re-engagement campaign.

The purpose of a re-engagement campaign is to turn inactive users into active users. In your message call out the fact that they have not opened your emails and ask them to confirm that they are still interested in your emails.

If they don’t confirm (by clicking a link) then just manually remove them for you from your list.

4- Never buy a list always collect subscribers

And lastly, I want to mention that you should never buy a list. Buying a list is the quickest way to ruin your reputation and be labeled a spammer. Always make sure to build your list from scratch.

That way, you know who your subscribers are, and your subscribers know you and the value you provide them. It’s much safer and it’s a better investment for the long run of email marketing

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