Clickbank Checklist for Selecting Offers

Below I have prepared a checklist of key points that you should consider when evaluating clickbank offers. The first part consists of the sales page of the clickbank offer. You will have to develop good marketing judgment when analyzing sales pages. The second part involves testing if your clickbank tracking is working properly.

Sales Page Content

o Is it clear what the sales page is about and what is being offered?

o If someone had 5 seconds to glimpse at the sales page would they know what it is about? (If possible, show the sales page to a couple of people and ask what impression the website makes)

o Is the graphics on the sales page relevant to the offer?

o Does the sales page explain how the offer is unique?

o Are testimonials included in the website?

o Is the website responsive? (Mobile and tablet optimized)

o Review the clickbank stats: Is the gravity over 20?

Tracking Test (Test your Hoplink)

o When you click the “Buy” button, does the website go to the clickbank checkout page?

o Is your affiliate id and tracking correctly being recorded on the checkout page (Remember: scroll to the bottom to find out)

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