5 Categories of Email  Campaigns

5 Categories of Email Campaigns

In this lesson I want to share with you a couple of the main email campaign categories.

The purpose of this knowledge is to build the different types of emails campaigns that you can send to your audience.

And you will learn the purpose of each campaign category and how it improves your email results.

1- Welcome series (Onboarding customer)

The first email category is the welcome series. These emails are sent when a person subscribes to your list. The purpose of these emails is to welcome a subscriber and introduce yourself.

You can setup a series of 5 to 7 emails that are sent out automatically to your new subscriber. I’ve created a training that shows you how to easily set this up. More on that later.

2- Tutorials and Value Adding Emails

The second email category involves sending the user value. What do I mean by value?

I am referring to tips, tricks of the trade, video tutorials, blog posts, basically any type of campaign which builds your reputation as an authority, and helps your lead solve a problem they may be experiencing.

This doesn’t mean that you are not promoting any product. But first you are providing them with value and at the end you can include a small promotion to your offer.

3- Promotional Campaigns

The third category for emails are promotions. These can be limited time discounts, coupons, one time offers etc. The whole purpose of this campaign is a promotion. After providing value, it’s time to make an actual offer to your list.

4- Transactional Emails

The fourth category are transactional emails. Here are some examples of transactional emails:

  • You receive an order confirmation email after buying a product
  • You receive a confirmation that you have signed up for a webinar.
  • If you are building a double opt in list, then your confirmation to subscribe email is a transactional email.

These emails are called transactional emails and you are not promoting anything in them. You are merely informing the user of an action they took.

5- Re-Engagement campaign

The last campaign type is called a re-engagement campaign. This campaign is targeted at users who have stopped reading your emails.

Leads that have gone cold.

And you send a re-engagement campaign to turn these cold leads into active users. 

This is a message in which you call out the fact that the user hasn’t been engaging with your content. And you ask them to click a link to confirm that they still want to receive your emails.

There are two actions that can take place after this campaign:

  1. A non active subscriber becomes active and you continue sending them emails.
  2. You remove the subscriber from your email list.

The are benefits for removing inactive users.

For one, you will pay less for your email autoresponder tool as you’ll have less subscribers

Also, essentially you are cleaning your list from bad contacts and only leaving it with more targeted users, so your emails will have more interaction and probably the deliverability will go up.

And that sums up five different email campaigns types that you can use. The most effective campaigns are a mixture of the above. 

If you want to learn the steps involved to set up all of these campaigns and start building your own list, then join my free email marketing course.

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