3 Email Marketing Myths

3 Email Marketing Myths

In this post I want to cover some common myths of email marketing.

I have noticed that a lot of beginners get steered in the wrong direction before they even start. Having unreal expectations sets people up for disappointment.

Below, I’ll share with you 3 common myths. So that when you start sending campaigns, you start with more realistic expectations.

Myth #1  A large list is more powerful

Let’s get one thing clear, you do NOT need a large list to earn money. You hear about these gurus…

  • who have over 50,000 subscribers on their lists
  • who drive Ferraris
  • who live in mansions

So naturally you think to yourself that a bigger list means more money.

This is NOT true. (well, to a certain extent it is true, you can’t sell if you have a list of 5 people).

But there is 1 factor that makes your list powerful. This 1 factor is what the good businesses rely on to get more customers and generate sales.

Before I tell you the no.1 factor, let’s cover the second myth of email marketing.

Myth #2  People on your list equal $1 per subscriber

This may be a little bit old. But there was a statistic that people on your list equal $1. I do not think this is true or even worth mentioning.

Think about it. If it was that easy to generate a $1 per subscriber then you could literally scrape over 100,000 Gmail addresses and send them offers.

It wouldn’t get you very far. You’d be seen as a spammer and nothing else. Plus, if people don’t know who you are, they will not buy stuff from you.

I get a lot of emails in my SPAM folder. And it’s from people and businesses who have done just that. Found my email somewhere, and added me to their list manually. If I see these messages, I SPAM them instantly.

Now let’s go back to the 1 factor that explains why even a small list can be super powerful.

This factor makes the difference between a bad list and a profitable list.

Here it is…

“The power of the list is in the RELATIONSHIP you have with your list”.

You have to send emails to help people. You want to solve them a problem.

The stronger relationship you have with your list the more sales you will make and the bigger your bank account will get.

If you have a good relationship with your list then it is absolutely possible to earn $1 per subscriber. But the mere size of a list does not automatically result in earnings.

Myth #3  Emailing too often will increase unsubscribes

A lot of beginner emailers are worried that they are bothering people. They worry that by sending too much emails they are spamming people. Or they worry that people will unsubscribe from their list. So they send 1 email per week. Or even worse, a monthly newsletter.

This strategy will not help you. And it’s based on a false thought.

Imagine someone has problem X and you have the solution to that problem.

Do you really think that your subscriber wants to wait a whole week for your emails?

If you email once a week then your subscribers will lose interest and forget about you and look somewhere else to solve their problem.

If you are active and email them 4-5 times a week with useful information about their problem then you will be more appreciated. Your relationship with your list will get better and you are more likely to make sales and earn money.

If you write your emails the right way your subscribers will wait with anticipation for your next email. But don’t make them wait too long due to a fear of spamming them.

If you notice that people are massively unsubscribing then cut down on emails. But not sending enough emails will cost you. So don’t be afraid to send emails and see how they perform.

That’s it for the myths of email marketing. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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Tom Wiztek

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